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    Alain Lemieux & Associés Consultants

    Collaborate to your project requiring architectural hardware specifications

    Attentive to your needs, Alain Lemieux and his team will guide you throughout the process surrounding the specification and selection of architectural hardware complying with the Quebec construction industry codes and standards

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    Twenty-five years of experience supporting your projects

    One of the few certified architectural hardware consultants (A.H.C.)

    Avoid unpleasant surprises!

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    Seize a project without worrying about door harware!

    From plans reading and specification writting to already on field inspections, our team of experts understand the challenges related to the new buildings and longstanding buildings rehabilitation

Our objective; Make your life easier!

Our Business

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Alain Lemieux and Associates Consultants

Alain Lemieux has been in the spec writting industry for the last 25 years. He mostly uses his expertise to create specifications on sizable projects. No matter what kind of project you're working on; a government building, a prison, a shop or some condo towers, Alain Lemieux is the one to call. A.H.C. Since 1996, he graduated with a bachelor degree in environment design in 1981, M. Lemieux is always trying to get better at what he does best.

On the lookout for new laws

As we are always trying to elevate our services, our team followed multiple formations. Without naming them all, we followed the STC and anti-explosion door and frame installation, the AAADM certification(American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers), the Professionnal project management accreditation and much more.

M. Lemieux has been the director of the DHI's education commity for 9 year. He is still involved in the formations offered by the DHI by teaching some classes. By using Alain Lemieux's services, you assure yourself to work with a real expert that takes charge of the door hardware section of your project.

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We can assist, facilitate, support


Professional Advice

Telephone consultations, construction site meeting participation, collaboration with architects and/or architectural hardware supply responsible


Writing hardware slips and equivalences tables, using specialized tools (SPEC software).

Turnkey Solutions

Full support of projects awarded, projects follow up, custom support throughout the process


Construction site visits and inspections, fire openings compliance checks, inspections report writing

More than twenty-five years in the field, it matters!

Meet our Partners

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About Ambico

The company

Ambico is a Canadian manufacturer of highly specialized door products: bullet resistant; blast resistant; acoustic; lead lined; stainless steel; and brass clad doors and frames. In the past decade Ambico has evolved to become an international trend-setter in the specialized door industry. From a family business formed by two brothers-in-law in the mid-1950s, focusing on the distribution of construction products in Eastern Ontario, to a specialized door company, Ambico is now a leading manufacturer of a very unique product line — one which has earned worldwide recognition from architects and engineers who design and build highly visible projects such as hospitals, universities, banks, prison facilities, schools, hotels, museums, and art galleries. The formula for Ambico's success includes quality driven, laboratory tested, specially manufactured products.

The Products

Acoustic steel doors and frames
Acoustic wood doors and frames
Blast resistant steel doors and frames
Brass and bronze clad doors and frames
Bullet resistant steel doors and frames
Bullet resistant wood doors and frames
Lead lined steel doors and frames

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About Cal-Royal

The company

Cal-Royal Products, Inc. was established in California in 1983 by Mr. Sina Yashar, a prominent international businessman, and his sons Kaye and David. Cal-Royal currently has three warehouses in California, Texas and Florida. Kaye studied in Computer Science and David in Business Marketing. Together they propelled Cal-Royal to the position it holds today as a leader in manufactured and imported grade 1, 2 and 3 superior quality hardware, designed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and to encompass all levels of ANSI classificationas as well as UL requirements

The Products

Products designed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and to encompass all levels of ANSI classification, Grades 1, 2 and 3 as well as UL requirements
Door closers
Exit devices

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About Coburn

The company

From modest beginnings in South London in 1911, technology, material and styling have all developed and improved, but the Coburn hallmark still promises the ultimate in quality, reliability and service. Products are always produced to the appropriate British Standards and the company was one of the first industry to have operating procedures approved under the BS EN ISO 9001. Constant testing ensures that quality is maintained and a programme of product improvement is regularly reviewed and updated.

The Products

Wardrobe and cupboard sliding systems
Pocket door sliding systems
Internal and external domestic use sliding systems
Commercial sliding systems
Industrial and agricultural sliding systems
Sliding supporting from 50kg to 300 kg and up

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About Door engineering

The company

Door Engineering and Manufacturing has been providing customized industrial, commercial, aviation and specialty door solutions for over 40 years. Door Engineering allows architects design flexibility by offering both customized and pre-engineered door system options, along with a variety of aesthetically pleasing fabrication and finishing alternatives. Door Engineering's door systems are not only built for long-lasting durability, but also for low maintenance, speed and safety.

The Products

Aviation doors
Commercial and industrial doors
Speciality and custom doors
Gating and security

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About Dunbarton

The company

Dunbarton Door and Entry Systems began its innovative journey over sixty years ago in 1946 in Detroit, Michigan to develop military housing. In 1954 the company began production on the first steel bifold closet door, Slimfold® door, based on an original design. Today, Dunbarton manufactures three building product lines: Rediframe®Prefinished Door Frames, Slimfold® Closet Systems, and Achiever® Entry Systems. Their active design development process is focused on bringing a host of new products to market and supporting an expanding distribution network.

The Products

Rediframe®, prefinished, fire-rated steel door frame
Rediflex adjustable throat steel door frame
Slimfold®, steel bifold and mirror wardrobe doors
Achiever®, pre-hung entry systems

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Movendo Concept


About Movendo Concept

The Company

Movendo Concept is a new architectural door hardware distributor. The company, newly based in Blainville, Qc, offers a wide range of products from Grade 1 to 3. Movendo Concept's young, dynamic and skilled team is working to offer an impeccable and fast service. The business is always on the lookout for new products and tries to adjust its offer accordingly.

The Products

Panic Devices
Door Closers
Electric Strikes
Electro Magnets

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About Reese

The company

Reese Enterprises has been a family owned business for more than 80 years. The company began as a "roll former" of zinc and copper weatherstrip materials. Over time, door and window weatherstrips changed and extruded aluminum shapes with vinyl, neoprene or polyprene inserts replaced the roll formed materials. Extruded aluminum thresholds, automatic door bottoms and door astragals were added to Reese Enterprises' product mix over years. Today, Reese Enterprises manufacturers more than 1,500 products and serves door hardware and commercial building products industries nationwide.

The Products

Weatherstrips; magnetic, self-adhesive, interlocking, door jamb
Adjustable door stops
Thresholds; carpet separator, fiberglass, half saddle, interlock, panic type, thermal break offset
Mats and grates
Strip doors
Door accessories
Automatic door bottoms

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Simonswerk North America


About Simonswerk

The Company

SIMONSWERK is a leading European manufacturer of heavy duty, high performance hinge systems and has been producing premium hinges for over 120 years. SIMONSWERK is a German-based company currently serving more than 60 international markets. The company has corporate representation in 19 countries with subsidiaries in Russia, Poland, the United Kingdom and the United States. The SIMONSWERK Group, with its 500 employees, focuses exclusively on high-end adjustable hinge systems.

The Products

Fully adjustable invisible hinges
Fully adjustable standard hinges

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Standard Metal


About Standard Metal

The company

Since 1989, Standard Metal are working closely with architects, designers and distributors to produce intricate architectural door hardware. Their products have been secured for domestic and international projects. Standard Metal continue to expand our product lines while adopting new technologies to streamline operations and better serve customer needs. Standard Metal welcome your new architectural designs and concepts and continue to tailor our existing products upon demand.

The Products

Standard and commercial doors pushes and pulls
Buggy bumpers, guards and push bars
Designer door pulls
Flush bolts, roller latches and surface bolts
Grab bars
Kick and push plates, escutcheons, corner guards, astragals and angle plates
Cabinet pulls, knobs and coat hooks
Floor and wall stops
Strikes and filler plates

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About Strongbar

The company

Strongbar Industries Inc. is one of North America's most reputable sources of Architectural, Security, and Detention Equipment. Strongbar's team of highly-knowledgeable consultants are frequently sought-after by architects, engineers and government officials.

The Products

Prison door hardware
High security fences and gates
High security door operators
High security sliding doors
High security keying systems

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Alain Lemieux et Associés Consultants
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